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      Lady Pretty Collagen & Astaxanthin Strawberry Flavour (16 Sachet)
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      Lady Pretty Collagen & Astaxanthin Strawberry Flavour (16 Sachet)

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      Lady Pretty Collagen & Astaxanthin Strawberry Flavour (16 Sachet)

      • High in Antioxidants.
      • Rejuvenation and Anti-aging.
      • Fight Against Free Radical.
      • Help to Even Out Skin Tone.
      • Moisturizing and Oil-Control.
      • Skin Turns Firm and Elastic.
      • Protect Your Skin From Looking Dull and Lightless.
      • Reduce Hunger and Control Body Weights.
      • Provide Energy.
      • Made of Natural Ingredients.
      • Results Can Be Seen Within 5 Days.
      • Can Be Consumed At Anywhere.
      • Strawberry Flavour.
      • Halal Product.
      • Made in Malaysia.

      Have you ever wanted to have a flawless and natural-looking skin? Lady Pretty is a great choice to enhance your skin and boost your health. It contains Astaxanthin, an antioxidant which helps to reduce free radical in our body. Wrinkles may appear in our skin at the very young age due to the UV radiation from the sunlight. Hence, frequent consumption of Lady Pretty could slow down this process and thus provide a healty-glowing skin. Also, it acts as an energy-provider, which suits modern women very well since they are always in a demand of doing a lot of things simultaneously. It helps in weight management too.

      Directions for consumption:

      • Can Be Eaten Directly Before Breakfast.
      • May Have Some Detoxification Effect in the Early Stage of Consuming.
      • A Lot of Water Intake Is Highly Recommended to Accelerate the Process of Absorption.
      • Not Recommended For Pregnant Woman.



      • Astaxanthin (total)- 130mg
      • Carbohydrates (total)- 64.7g
      • Energy (kcal)- 517kcal
      • Energy (kj)- 2170kj
      • Protein- <0.1g
      • Fat- 28.7g

      Net Weight: 48g (3g x 16sachet)